This was a year to remember…

We hope you, your family, your friends, and your colleagues are healthy, safe and enjoying the holidays, while entering 2021 with a glass half full.

For us at HOLLYFY, we have a lot to feel grateful for as we look back and see our progress as an early-stage media-tech company and world-leading platform for branded entertainment. 

2020 is definitely one for the books, so before we enter 2021, we wanted to take a moment and share our progress the year:

  • Exponential growth. Brand marketers and entertainment creators flocked in droves to the HOLLYFY platform as thousands of productions and advertising initiatives sought better ways of working.
  • Remote access. Our commitment to remote work and expedited deal flow advanced considerably in 2020 with multiple software updates. Including our latest release: Software Update / Top Gun – Maverick
  • Effective marketing. Advancements in predictive modeling machine learning continue to rapidly overachieve the KPI’s of marketers . We’ve seen media budgets shift dramatically to effectively reach attentive audiences and accelerate the growth for a wide range of brands. 
  • Entertainment funding. Budgets are now reaching entertainment creators faster than ever. As our platform adapts to user’s goals we accelerate deal flow and get more funds into the production budgets. Branded Partnerships are now a media standard.

In addition to these achievements we’ve also added several new features to the platform.


Platform Improvements

  • Intuitive Dashboard. Track Offers, Tasks, Proposals & More.
  • Transaction Processing. Payment Processing for Peer-to-Peer Deals.
  • Buy or Sell Listings. Make Offers or Proposals on Listings.
  • Task Management. Complete Integrations with Ease.
  • Page Prestige. Improve the quality of your page.
  • Direct Messaging. Message directly in the app.

See more new features here.

We even launched an affiliate program to help online influencers earn compensation using unique promo codes for each new member they bring to the HOLLYFY platform.

We’re just getting started. More to come!


Better 2021

As we segue into a new year, our objective is to continue advancements to make your marketing/media budgets more effective and make your entertainment productions come to life. The future of advertising

Remote work will continue to be improved to make your job easier and more productive. 

Here’s to a better future!

Stay tuned!