You’re ready to get your brand to influencers, musicians, bloggers and YouTubers… or are you?

You have a product and you’re interested in all the benefits of branded entertainment. You like that content created by entertainers gets immediate attention and acceptance for your brand, you like that you don’t have to create the content and that the time to market can be shorter than traditional advertising. In addition, when it comes to working in this new form of media, it’s nice to have lots of options out there. Maybe you want your sunglasses in a music video, your swimsuit on a model, fruit juice in a workout video or jewelry line in a blog. You’re ready… but is your product?

Make sure your product has what it takes for stardom.

You know your product better than anyone. In fact, you can probably spot it from a mile away. To you, it’s iconic. Which is why brands like Coca Cola, Beats by Dre, Jeep and other brands can slide into a movie or tv show with the confidence for recognition. But you, unfortunately, haven’t spent billions of dollars on branding yet. So, you need to make sure when it makes its debut on a movie, tv, phone or computer screen… that that moment doesn’t go to waste.


1) Visible logo or name on the product

Dr. Dre has a rule with the rappers he launched… their first three songs had to mention their name in the title. The Real Slim Shady. What’s my name? Snoop. That’s because he wanted to be clear, very clear, people knew who they were listening to and, more importantly, what they needed to ask for when they went to buy it. So, for your brand, get your name out there clearly. You want that name like TOMS, Juicy and Razor. If it’s not, people are just gonna see a pair of shoes, sweatpants or a scooter and someone else will get the credit, and maybe money, for it.

2) Product easily found by Googling a description

Have you ever not known the title of a movie so you just sorta Google something that happened in it and hope the name comes up? Movie about a guy who talks to a volleyball? TV show about a doctor who was 12? Well, that’s what people are going to do if they see your product in a music video or influencer post and don’t catch any more details. They’ll just Google “Shirt with a photo of a unicorn kissing a turtle” or “Jacket that has headphones in the hood”. So, when that happens, you need to be sure you come up. And while you’re at it, make sure there’s an image of your product from the piece of entertainment so people can make the easy match.

3) Simple demonstration showcases product 

There’s an old saying… if you can’t describe what your product does in one sentence, it’s not ready yet. The same goes for it describing itself in a scene. Make sure you can show it off with the utmost simplicity. That way, whoever is using it, won’t mess it up. And whoever is watching it won’t hesitate that they can do it as well. 

4) Enough stock to support customer satisfaction

Once people want something these days, there isn’t a lot of patience that goes along with their desire. So once that Paypal email hits you, make sure you can get their order out to them. That means being ready with all the printer ink to make labels and all the product to fulfill their order. This is all part of the process. The last thing you want is for the audience of your partner to get grilled with negative comments.


Now, go be a star.

Ready, set, go. You’re ready with branding, set with the SEO and stock. Now it’s time to partner up and make it happen. Try connecting through messages or contact emails. Or, you can use services that connect you with the right partner. Either way, feel luck it’s this simple. Not Don Draper never had it this easy. 


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