Your first steps to advertising your product successfully.

It’s never been easier to start your own business. From water bottles to knitted sweaters to yoga pants to custom motorcycles people are taking their passions and turning them into cash. A good product only goes so far. You need to advertise. While advertising has changed a lot, there are some things about it that haven’t changed. I’m going to tell you the five things you must do in order to advertise your product successfully.

How to advertise your product successfully

1) Think about why you created your product

The answer isn’t to make money. Every meeting I’ve ever had with a brand I ask them why they made it. All the best people who are selling something know why they made it. Steve Jobs knew it was to make humans perform better. Nike makes products to make people feel like champions. They know. So ask yourself why you made what you made. Why does the product exist? Once you get that, you can start to work on how to tell people about it.

2) State what you do that nobody else does

Your product doesn’t have to be a Tesla or an iPhone to be able to do something nothing else does. What we are talking about here is how you want to frame it. How do you want people to think about your product. It must be something your product can own. Something that is tied directly to the function, or name or, well, anything. Lululemon is known for making butts look good. Coca Cola is known for making people happy. This is a hard thing to figure out but it’s a must. Find the thing your thing does and say it.

3) Give your product a definition

The next step is fun. Imagine you are in the dictionary. What’s the five to ten words that clearly states the two things we spoke about above. Years ago a friend of mine had a product with a crazy name. No way anyone could tell what it was, did or meant. So, once he told me it (wait for it) removed heavy metals from the bloodstream. So, under the name we wrote “Heavy metal removal suppositories”. Sales shot up instantly. This doesn’t have to be catchy. But it will help. A lot.

4) Stick with it

There are two ways to advertise: one is to make such a huge, epic ad that everyone talks about it. The other is to say one thing over and over and over and over again until people remember it. Unless you have Super Bowl money or an incredible ability to make the greatest ad ever filmed, you gotta take the second route. So, that means you need to keep saying the same thing over and over. Otherwise, you’re never building on anything. So, take that definition and make sure it never changes. It’s your elevator pitch. It’s on your business cards. It’s all ya got, so make it count.

5) Find people to talk about your brand

Once you start talking about yourself, you need others to do the same. That way the people they know, the people who follow them or watch their movies or listen to their podcast, view their posts… all of them learn about your product. You can start by using those who you trust or know, but after that you need help. There are plenty of agencies who can help you, but the easiest and fastest way to find people interested in working with you is on HOLLYFY. You create a page for your product, let us know what it’s about and who you want to talk about you. We match you, and you make a deal. No muss no fuss.

So, now you know. Start at the top and get to work. Oh, one more thing: HOLLYFY also can help you come up with your definition and so much more. Check it out.

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