Discover how athletes make money with social media.

Athletes know they can make a lot of money playingsports. And their agents are experts at getting it for them. 

Athletes know they can make a lot of money through endorsements. And their agents are pretty darn good at negotiating massive deals for them.

But now, with a younger, more social media savvy crop of athletes hitting the field, floor and court every season… athletes know they can make a lot of money, easy money, with their tweets, posts and snaps… but their agents aren’t able to move as quickly (or as closely with their stars) to cash in on this absurdly lucrative sector.


A single tweet by super-athlete Cristiano Ronaldo brings him a stunning $303,900

So, how do athletes make more money through the existing social media device sitting in their front pocket?

Learn How:
By opening up the opportunity funnel. 

Their Own Funnel

The first rule of social media is being where the news is. Striking while the opportunity is hot. And since an athlete’s social media skills are always with them, there is always an opportunity to make it known you’re into a brand. In other words, a personal social media channel is a funnel any athlete can open up themselves. What they are eating, drinking, wearing, seeing, smelling, driving can spark a direct line to what they post. And that post can easily trigger a potential deal.

Talent Agency Funnel

Agents are, for the most parts, lawyers who can handle contracts. They know numbers for their respected athlete’s sport and can negotiate contracts based on athletic performance on the field and the financial performance at the souvenir stand. So, more and more athletes are signing on with talent agencies like CAA and Roc Nation to help open them up to more social media opportunities.

The Virtual Funnel

Let’s be honest… social media moves fast. So, it only makes sense that it’s funnel should keep pace. By having a funnel that’s accessible 24/7 and working 24/7, athletes 

can keep themselves open to infinite opportunities whenever they might arise. Something happens in the news, in their sport, with a brand… anything. Any brand, any entertainment can reach out to anyone for anything, anywhere. And vice versa. 

An athlete’s prime for playing is short. And massively lucrative. But their social media career… well, that’s something we have yet to see a limit for.

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Using HOLLYFY app:

Whether you’re a talent manager, agent or athlete; HOLLYFY native brand integration software is simple.

  1. Easy setup: If you’re just getting used to apps or a seasoned pro, the software is designed for all performance needs.
  2. Dashboard recommendations: Receive recommendations based on your Showcase Page that describes who you are and integration listings of potenti
    al opportunities.
  3. Intuitive search: Find opportunities yourself.  Search for social influencers or brands with easy-to-use tools.
  4. Low cost:  HOLLYFY has minimal access fees and a commission that is unheard of in the industry. This makes for more deal flow, which is good for everyone.
  5. Payment transfer:  Blockchain encryption let’s buyers and sellers transfer funds using escrow payment release transfers.

Simple as that.


When Cam Newton wore a pair of Versace pants on his way to Super Bowl 50, the pants quickly sold out online within hours after the post spread across social media.

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