• Our latest software update for HOLLYFY improves functionality for brand marketers and entertainment creators. Version 4.0 is known as: BACK TO THE FUTURE because society has been on pause long enough. Time to get back to future potential.

Hey, McFly!

Software update: Back to the Future

These were some obvious software improvements. 

Onboardingback to the future pepsi brand integration
  • Streamlined page creation
  • Simplified listings creation
Team management
  • Add team members (paid plans)
  • Revoke privileges of a team member
  • Assign member to a showcase page
Nike mattel back to future
Search enhancements
  • Search for pages
  • Search integration listings
  • Search public view
  • Showcase page public view
  • Premium pages
  • Menu structure 
  • Dashboards
  • Mobile enhancements
back to the future product placements
Showcase Pages
  • My Showcase pages
  • Page layouts
  • Purchase flow
  • Message tokens
  • Proposal tokens

We enjoyed these updates. As HOLLYFY has grown exponentially in the past year, our development team (btw, Thank You!) has also made numerous improvements to our systems.  While the above updates are easily noticed by users, the backend systems have also undergone heavy updates.  See more new features here.

Enhanced affiliate program so influencers use unique promo codes for each new member they bring to the HOLLYFY platform and earn.

There’s more future updates to come.

2020 was a setback for many people.

Time to get Back to the Future

Let’s go!