“The whole idea is never to disrupt the creative process,” says Yellowstone executive producer David Glasser. The creators behind the scenes, work with costume designers, production designers, everybody, to make the items they put in the shows realistic and attainable.

Seriously, how gorgeous is this woman’s take on the cowgirl look? From simple jeans paired with skintight tops, to long floral-print dresses and boots—and plenty of inventive outerwear and sexy office attire—it’s bold, smart and altogether fetching. Then, just add some tousled hair, smokey eye makeup, and nude lip gloss and you’ll be channeling everyone’s favorite Dutton in no time flat!

Clothing worn by Beth Dutton

  • Suki Mid Rise Bootcut Jeans
  • La Femme Washed Black Tee by Auguste the Label
  • Paisley Jacquard Emerald Green Midi dress by Auguste the Label
  • Charlotte Francine Midi Dress Black Floral
  • Lindsey Thornburg Pagosa Springs Blue Aztec Cloak
  • Faux Fur Lynx Coat By Faz
  • Denim Cattle Skull Jacket
  • Betty Women’s Jeans
  • Women’s Quilted Windproof And Water Resistant Yellowstone Logo Vest
  • Viper Leather Jacket With Studs And Beads
  • Tibetan Base Zip Front Embellished Leather Jacket
  • All The Angels Unisex Jersey Tee
  • I’m The Bigger Bear Unisex Jersey Tee
  • Bella Blazer
  • Blakeley 8 Oz Waxed Cotton Canvas Jacket
Target Audience

According to Nielsen ratings, the series premiere of Yellowstone in June 2018 had over 4.8 million viewers. As of 2021, the third season of the show has an average of 5.5 million viewers per episode. Additionally, it was reported that the series is the most-watched cable show of 2020 and 2021, and highest-rated series on cable television among adults 18-49.

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Production Cost per Episode

The cost to produce an episode of the TV series Yellowstone is not publicly disclosed. However, it is considered a high-budget show due to its large cast, extensive location filming, and special effects. The production company, Paramount Network, invests a significant amount of money in the show to ensure high-quality production values and visual effects. Some estimates suggest that it may cost around $4 to $5 million per episode, but this is not confirmed by the official sources, and it’s worth noting that this cost can vary depending on various factors such as location, cast, special effects and so on.

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