Branded Entertainment

Branded Entertainment has been one of the most powerful tools to gain national recognition with your target market.

While larger brands like Mercedes or Apple have no problem capitalizing on this powerful tool, what do smaller companies do?

For small companies on tight budgets, branded entertainment (otherwise known as brand integration or product placement) may offer a better ROI than traditional TV advertising. With TV commercials, people are increasingly just recording their favorite shows and skipping through the commercials. That is if they haven’t completely cut-the-cord all-together.

This is an effective marketing technic, but don’t overlook implementing some smart marketing basics such as developing a solid social media marketing campaign and response mechanisms, using press releases to generate awareness, ensure your website promotes the brand integration and develop a clear, compelling marketing message that can be used at point-of-sale or in other marketing materials. Also, use this entertainment integration to bring your brand’s newfound stardom to the attention of retailers, wholesalers and the public.

It’s best to have a few key marketing tools in sync that will coordinate your objective from multiple angles to truly capitalize during the weeks or months around the entertainment release.

Get brands inside entertainment scenes.

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