How HOLLYFY helps was created to launch brands into cultural relevance via partnerships with entertainment creators, programs with social media influencers and turnkey advertising. 

Why brands today need so much help

Simple: It’s never been easier to start a business. But it’s also never been more difficult to advertise. With the seemingly hundreds of platforms to build websites or sell products, one would think making money would be easy. True… and not. Because while it’s easy to start creating products and putting them up for sale, it’s harder than ever to get your brand in front of people. TV commercials are noticed less than ever. Same goes for adverts in newspapers or magazines. Where, and how, do brands advertise?

Start by giving brands back the power

The high school dance is flipped. For so long brands have been acting like the wallflowers, when in actuality they are the belle of the ball. What does this mean? It means brands spent years and years wishing and waiting for the opportunity to have a celebrity, movie, tv show, or video game that would include their brand. Now, it’s the other way around. Talent agents and producers are busier than ever trying to get brands to talk to them. Brands have the money, they have the cards. So, once they get onto HOLLYFY and make the simple move of sending out the signal that they are looking to spend, all the suitors will come a running.

Influencers influence, but so do so many others

Yes, this is the name of the game today. The huge and powerful army of influencers make it easy to reach exactly who you want, when you want. When an influencer knows their followers and can get a message right to them, it’s a win. But there’s so many other ways to do this and HOLLYFY takes the unique tact of giving you access to connect directly with them. Blogs work too (sometimes better and longer) than influencers. Podcasts also work the same way. They are content, that’s evergreen, that has the same focus and sometimes a lot more room for content. People who read and listen to these forms of entertainment are there for a reason and with huge interest and attention.

Song lyrics and music videos are also on HOLLYFY and they carry a ton of weight. They play forever and have cool cache that goes sky high. TV shows and movies, while at the top of the influencer food chain, also live on HOLLYFY. You can get in easier than you think because HOLLYFY lowers the barrier for so many creators and producers. There are so many ways to influence out there and you can do it with HOLLYFY.

HOLLYFY machine learning makes it easy

HOLLYFY creates an easy access marketplace for brands of all sizes to get featured inside entertainment productions: influencers, tv shows, music videos, movies, video games, podcasts, blogs, etc… no matter who or what form of entertainment a brand would like to work with, HOLLYFY directly connects both parties so they can mutually benefit from one another in whatever way they see fit.

Overcoming the “Cold Start” is job #1

HOLLYFY provides brands at their earliest stage with an instant supply of personalized marketing tools and direct links to opportunities they would have never have had before. With HOLLYFY, even brands who have never sold one product can directly connect, and be approached, by any relevant form of entertainment. The barriers are completely lowered.

The process is quick and simple

An administrator for the brands creates a profile page (we call it a Showcase Page) using their logo and a brief description. HOLLYFY then prompts them to add listings. (These are the types of entertainment opportunities they are interested in partnering with). Once those are set, HOLLYFY uses patented technology to match them with the right partners. Each party connects and makes a deal.

Here’s a tutorial video you can watch to show you more.

Having HOLLYFY as an easy tool that’s readily at your disposal would do several things, here are just a few.

  • Launch brands into cultural relevance with social media influencers 
  • Get your brand in front of an attentive audience
  • Provide simple and powerful solutions for your brand


Get brands inside entertainment scenes.

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