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Rewards propel the future of branded entertainment marketing.

Plain and simple, the name of the game is to get into the public’s topic of conversation. Brands. Products. Movies. Blogs. Podcasts. All of those things need to get popular. Just like Beats by Dre, Nike and luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton put so much effort into being seen and talked about, small sellers on WIX, Ebay and Amazon can play the same game. Yes, it’s a hustle, but the good news is help is here. HOLLYFY, the community for branded entertainment marketing not only makes it easy for entertainment creators of all sizes and genres to connect with brand marketers, but now a rewards program teaches them to do it all while giving credits towards paying for this incredible service. How do you get started? Read below and you’ll be making it happen in no time. Before we begin, we can make it clear by saying the rewards can work for all members of HOLLYFY.

Next, we’ll explain how brand marketers can take advantage of them, and later we’ll discuss entertainment creators like movie producers, movie writers, musicians, influencers, etc…


Rewards help brand marketers boost sales

Ok, so let’s say you run the advertising (or marketing) for a company like Nabisco. Or, perhaps, you sell your own handmade scarves on a WIX or eBay store. No matter what, it is your job to get people’s attention so they notice and improve the probability they will buy your product. That’s all you have to do. It’s hard. Really hard. You can try tv commercials, radio commercials, buying Google adwords, trying to build a social media account on Instagram. Maybe it works. Maybe it doesn’t. But no matter how much it works there’s one thing anyone can agree on… it could always work better. And that takes help. We all struggle with finding help. Paying for help. Asking for help. That’s why HOLLYFY has set up a rewards program that also leads you down a path to start creating effective advertising for your brand. 

Add 3 or more listings

When you join HOLLYFY and create your page all you have to do is use a simple drop down menu to tell us and our community who you want to work with or where you want your brand to appear. That’s called a listing. It’s how we connect you to great partners that are a perfect fit for your marketing needs. When you do that three times, you get credits. Credits you can use towards your membership upgrade. So it’s a win, win. We guide you to meet entertainment creators and you get more time doing it for free. If you 10 listings or more to your account, the rewards can really jump.

Update Audience demographics

This is an even easier way to earn credits but also helps you focus your marketing efforts to reach your perfect target market. This is a simple and fun thing to do on your page. Drag a few bars and tell us where you want to focus your advertising partnerships and boom! We start looking for your perfect blogger, musician, movie or influencers to promote your brand and you earn more credits.

Apply social links

Super simple, and also helps people know more about your brand so they can reach out to you to work with you. Paste the links to your social media accounts and company website…boom, you earn more credits. Another win win.

Upload images

This is a big one that also gets you credits towards using the power of branded entertainment, boost your sales and elevate your brand prominence: images. Just upload them like you would to Facebook or eBay and now your brand showcase page looks legit. Influencers, musicians and other entertainment creators can identify with your brand. You look more attractive to them and you get credits yet again.


Rewards help influencers, musicians, producers, bloggers, game creators, podcasters and more to produce entertainment content

Login 15 days or more a month

As a reminder, all rewards are for members on HOLLYFY. We’re just here to show how they could work for these specific community members. In this case, if you’re an entertainment creator it is important you check your account for the 1000s of brands who want to work with you. They are your key to making money to offset your production costs. The last thing you want to do is have someone reach out to pay you and you miss the opportunity. So, if you login at least 15 days a month, we credit your account with rewards. So, once again, you get the habit of checking opportunities and also the rewards keep coming. 

Connect with others 

There are multiple ways to connect with others on HOLLYFY. Shortlist them. Message them. Offer them a deal. The number of people you connect with, no matter what kind of brand they have, is unlimited. So, get after it. If you do, you earn $3 in credits after 3 (or more) connections. This increases your chances of making a deal and you get credits.

Shortlist favorites (up to 5 per month)

This just means you are interested in connecting with a product or brand marketer at a later time. It lets them know you may want to talk. It takes just a click, gets you in the practice of widening your scope of options… and yeah, more credits. 

Invite others

The HOLLYFY community is made up of brand marketers and all types of entertainment creators who are interested in boosting sales and popularity by creating powerful branded entertainment partnerships. The more people there are, the better it gets. So, help us grow and we will give you our largest rewards bonus. Just invite them and once they start a page… you get a $20 credit for each friend that signs up and launches a page, up to $60!

Rewards help you earn money twice

Verify your account. Activate a payment method. Upgrade your membership. All of these are simple tweaks you can make that bring in the rewards. And when you do them, you increase your chances to make money. So, like all our rewards. It’s twice. You get the rewards that come with being on HOLLYFY and you, once again, get credits towards your membership upgrade or add-on listings.
Reward Credits page launch

Overall, you can start doing all of this right now. We welcome you to the HOLLYFY community. We are doing all we can to make it easy for you to connect and make all your business goals happen. Feel free to reach out and we can help you in more ways.

Learn more about Reward Credits here. You can  join HOLLYFY by clicking here. If you want to learn more, connect with us or view frequently asked questions, visit our help center.

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