No matter what size your business, or what you need to sell, you’re often tasked with coming up with ways to sell that aren’t traditional. Why? Well, for starters, not everyone has the money to hire an advertising agency let alone supporting media and production budgets to run nationwide TV, radio or print commercials. Secondly, most marketers today will tell you that even if you do have the resources, those methods aren’t always the best ways to go. 

Influencers, in this case bloggers, are one of these non-traditional methods brands (from global to local) are using today. Influencers aren’t new. From homemakers to cowboys in the golden age of advertising, men, women, kids and even animals have been a trusted way for brands to reach their audiences with an influential voice. When they spoke, people listen, believed, and bought.

Then something crazy happened, these real moms and kids and everyone in between had the ability to become stars on their own. How? They had a direct line to the public. Every brand wanted a piece of their power. Studios started to bubble up to help brands and these new influential bloggers produce epic looking branded content. The homegrown talent got more flashy, but that flash wasn’t what was drawing brands and audiences alike. What does it is expertise, authenticity and people believing you. 

Boost SEO

So, if you have a need to grow your business, blogs (and the influencers who write them) are a great way to go. Blogs have all the key ingredients of an effective influencer: Blogs showcase specific knowledge a subject, they create relevant content around that subject, and most importantly, they are a direct way to reach their audience.

There was a great line towards the end of The Firm. While discussing the angle of charges a case would take, the lawyer said the following “ It’s not sexy, but it’s got teeth”. 

Blogs have teeth. Lots of them.
Each and every word in a blog is another tooth that snags search engines and draws consumers to your brand. Words, like the ones in this blog, is what drew you to read it. Words that make up blogs are easily found. And they work for everything.

Now is the Time

When brand integration is done correctly it has the ability to amplify both the message of the brand and the expertise of the blogger. 

Get brands inside entertainment scenes.

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