Who needs an office or an ad agency when you can get massive marketing.

Desks went extinct in 2020.

Odds are if you are reading this you’re at home, at a desk you have “created” out of a table meant for something else besides keeping your business going. Well guess what, you don’t need a real desk. You’ve got wifi, a laptop and coffee… you don’t need to share space with 100 other people. It’s the era of remote work. You’re also probably not returning emails to your own personal account executive who is sitting at their desk inside a global advertising agency. Well, that’s also ok because you don’t need or want the bloated overhead of hiring an ad agency.

What you need is brand awareness.

Here’s a few marketing tips to make your advertising resonate:

  • One Message. One of the biggest issues people face is overworking and overspending by trying to say too many things. And by too many, I mean as many as two! Stick to one. It takes less work for you and way less work for people to remember. So find that one thing that nobody else can say and keep saying it over and over again in as many ways as possible.
    For instance, if your handcrafted bourbon is 105 proof, then say it. And only say that. Don’t mention its name comes from Texas or that it’s organic. It matters, but not more than making an impact and sticking in people’s brain. Plus, it takes way less time to think of one thing than two. 
  • Harness other people’s power. You can buy all the ads you want on Facebook, but you’ll reach more people by buying other people’s reach. Influencers. Music videos. Blogs. Podcasts. And, guess what? They already want to work with you. It’s how they pay their rent. And, the good news is, you already know what to tell them to say! (see above). It is that one thing! Have them say it over and over. See, you don’t need an ad agency to manage all this.
  • Find them! Like dating and fishing, you simply need to find what you’re looking for. Well, instead of going fishin’… go catching. HOLLYFY is the only way for brands like yours to get instantly matched with all forms of entertainers who want to work with you. ML algorithms, and so much more alignes you directly so there’s no middle person mucking things up and making it massively more expensive. It’s as easy as looking for a cabin to rent for the weekend in the woods or ordering a burrito to get delivered. And, if you need a little help, we are right here to guide you.
  • Let’s go. So, instead of going to work, you’re getting to work. Sounds corny but true. Get out your folding table and start linking up with powerful, next-gen marketing tools.

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