We’re excited to bring you another build of HOLLYFY (version 3.0). Our latest update makes it easy to do marketing and entertainment production from home with the release of our new software version: TOP GUN MAVERICK.

At a time when meeting one another virtually is more important than ever, HOLLYFY will do what ZOOM, Google hangouts and Microsoft teams aren’t able to do: Introduce, connect, transact and bring people who have never met together and give them the marketing & production tools they need so they can create new, powerful business partnerships and relationships.

We chose the name TOP GUN MAVERICK because so many of you are making things happen on your own. Breaking rules. Making rules. Being brave. Being mavericks. Knowing that being independent, unorthodox and open-minded is how founders, entrepreneurs and the brave path new paths that will lead them to success. So, this is for you. 

Strategic Goals

Planning and coding started with the benefits for advertisers and entertainment creators (who want to work together virtually) well before the onset of the Covid-19 crisis that sent hundreds of millions of professionals to work from home. The latest version of HOLLYFY is a solution for Hollywood and the world of brand marketers. From before the start of any marketing campaign or entertainment production right up until the finish, if you’re a brand manager, small business owner, producer, advertising professional, writer, game developer, blogger, influencer or anything in between, these new tools will help you. 


Transactions payment processing


Since money is in fact the name of the game, we’ve made it possible to complete payment processing directly on HOLLYFY with smart contracts. That means sending and receiving money. Why? Because the main reason people love HOLLYFY so much is the ability to deal with your partner one-on-one. Staying in the platform is the key to making the entire experience easy. No muss. No fuss. Each step is laid out to both partners as ‘tasks’ (we’ll get into details here later) so that a quick, secure process happens for both happy parties. Learn More ›


Offers  – Direct buying

My grandma used to have a saying – “See it. Like it. Buy it”. While the motto was a bit idealistic to me as an 11-year old, it’s perfect for marketing professionals and business owners who see an opportunity and want to make it happen ASAP.  HOLLYFY is excited to announce the opportunity for brands to make offers and buy opportunities from entertainment creators that fit their marketing needs. What’s that mean? It means if a shoe brand finds an opportunity to get their kicks worn by the star of a movie, music video or in some social media posts with killer dance moves, all they have to do is buy it on HOLLYFY and it is theirs. It’s like “Buy it Now” for a role in a Hollywood production. See it. Like it. Buy it. And in this case… start selling your product using branded entertainment marketing.


buy-sell listings


Entertainment creators need money to keep making movies, tv shows, music videos, video games, influencer content, blogs… everything.

That’s why working with brands is so important. It makes it easier for them to keep doing what they do. But it’s hard to meet the brands. It’s hard to offer them opportunities. It’s hard to list all they have to offer. Proposals from HOLLYFY go directly from entertainment creators to brands on our platform. Better yet, there are brands who want to create branded entertainment partnerships. Brands who are ready to make a deal. This new feature of the HOLLYFY platform suits all the needs you’ve been asking for. A slick, smooth way to approach brands and put your best foot forward. No wild-goose chases. You’ll see later how the interface works. But the most important thing is it works in just the way every format of entertainment creator can use.

Taskstrack tasks landscape

When you’re working from home, the one thing many people miss is someone there to remind them to do something. Get back to a client. Finalize a document. Check on this. Send files. You still gotta do that. Well, HOLLYFY steps in and help is on the way. Right up front, in big bold colors will be tasks for you to do to make your business chug on. When payments come in, you’ll be told to confirm receipt. If you’re being paid to post something, we’ll tell you when it’s time to do so. And if you’re a brand, well then, we got your back, too! It’s a perfect way to stay on top of things even no matter how busy things get. And they will get busy.

Page Prestige Page prestige

You’re about to walk out the door to a meeting and your roommate / wife / husband / whatever calmly lets you know that your shoes don’t match. Or maybe that you should actually wear a jacket because the place you are going has a dress code. That’s the idea behind “page prestige’. It helps you, in many ways, to optimize your account and chances of making a perfect impression on your next potential partners. How’s it work? Simple: HOLLYFY will let you know how your page can always look and perform its best. Make sure you have a photo. A complete bio for your brand. Listing. Lots of listings. And some information about your audience and timing. You will ALWAYS know if your page is going to work enough making to meet your best marketing partner. Oh, and just so you know, if you seem to have a little difficulty getting it right, we are always here to help you. Or even do it for you. Prestige. We could all use a little more of it and this new update to HOLLYFY will help make it happen. 

Mobile Friendly

Chances are you’re reading this on your phone. I would be writing this on my phone if my daughter wasn’t using it to listen to the Descendents soundtrack. But that’s besides the point that opportunities on HOLLYFY come at you all the time. And while, right now, social distancing is keeping you at home, you need to be ready and able to make things happen on your favorite device. So, all the functionality, connectivity, beauty and all the above updates work on your phone, tablet or whatever you’re using. What’s more important, is if you’re posting an update from a coffee shop, or just pick up your latest product or have an idea for a new shot in a video or movie, you can list it on HOLLYFY right then and there. It’s how things get done. And you will, for sure, getting it done.

Bug fixes 

We can all be better. So, while we were building new features for the platform we also improved our site performance by fixing a few bugs here and there. A few routine improvements help enhance security, increase speed, and smooth out performance. We even brought in one of the best minds in the business to increase usability. We’re pretty happy with the results. It’s all about you, and we hope you and your business feel the changes.


Once again, the name MAVERICK holds a special place for many of us. It should fill you with grit, courage and confidence. This platform, HOLLYFY, is there to help you make it happen. Everything you want and believe you can do. So sign up. Share this article. And embark on a journey with all the tools, weapons and support you need to be,… wait for it, a TOP GUN.

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