Matrix Software Update

We’re excited to bring you another build of HOLLYFY (2.3.31). This release is a continuation of the cloud features we introduced last year, along with a host of other user-requested capabilities. As we continue to evolve our branded entertainment platform for marketers, producers and media buyers we pay homage to entertainment productions which utilized brand integrations for the benefit of realism, production budgets and marketing efforts.

March 2019 software upgrade: ‘The Matrix’.

We deployed this update on March 31st to coincide with the release date of the original Matrix movie released 20 years ago on March 31, 1999. The original Matrix movie featured Nokia as the mobile device used by Neo to enter into the matrix. Our software release features several new and improved features and, similar to The Matrix, starts to integrate Artificial Intelligence. But this time for the media industry.


Product & Feature Highlights

Machine Learning Matchmaking

Advancements in matching and ranking algorithms continue to help align relevant advertisers and marketers with brand integration opportunities in entertainment productions. New updates also include matching notifications which inform you of potential partnership opportunities that could mutually benefit to both advertisers and productions.

Matching notifications feature


Collaboration Tools

Improved messaging tools, notification functions, mobile performance and share functionality has also improved. This will help you streamline the process to quickly secure and implement branded entertainment media partnerships.

collaboration messaging feature


Enhanced Search Capabilities

We’ve refined the search functionality to improve ranking relevancy for Showcase pages that match your listings, audience and thee categorization of your page. While you are free to override the relevancy ranking algorithms, we believe having better matches to your page(s) and listings will improve overall deal flow in less time than before.

Enhanced Search matchmaking upgrades


Page Management Features

Your showcase page already comes with a wide-array of useful features. We’ve implemented improved privacy controls, navigation functions, relevant matches and an easier way to add more listings, add concierge service to your page and control if your page is active or inactive.


Reduced Pricing

Affordable Membership

Another significant enhancement is our new pricing plan. We’ve improved our financial modeling to allow more members to customize a solution that best fits their needs.

  • Basic Plan – FREE:
    Best for startup brands, small entertainment productions or small influencers. Designed for users who are just getting started and don’t need a full feature set.
  • Advanced Plan – $50/month:
    Best for medium size brands, medium size entertainment productions or medium size influencers who are managing a single entity.
  • Professional Plan – $100/month:
    Best for experienced marketers, experienced entertainment producers and larger influencers who are managing multiple entities.
  • Business Plan – $1,000/month:
    Best for firms representing multiple brands, entertainment productions, or influencers.
  • Enterprise Plan – $5,000/month: 
    Best for networks, larger production companies  and agencies who represent multiple brands, entertainment productions, celebrities, or influencers.

Reduced Membership pricing


Cost Efficient Listing Fees

As part of our goal to make brand integration easier, we’ve updated our listing fees to provide a low cost option. This helps to improve and expand your matchmaking capabilities. Each membership account comes with some basic listings, but if you want more matches simply add more listings. The algorithms will help make matches based on your needs.

Additional listings $5:month


Add More Listings

Want to increase your matches? Now you’ll have the ability to add more listings to your membership plan. This will allow you to greater personalize the types of pages that match your listings, interests or opportunities.

Add Concierge Service

If you don’t have the time to actively manage your account or need help getting more brand integration deals, try our concierge service. An advisor will be assigned to your account who can help with your branded entertainment needs, manage inquires and even reach out on your behalf.

Advertising Projects

Realizing there is more to marketing… we’ve aligned with a number of ad industry professionals who can assist in creating adverts for other marketing channels.

PR Projects

In addition to advertising, we are able to offer PR industry experts who may assist in navigating getting your brand name in news publications relevant to your industry.

Influencer Projects

Influencer marketing is a strong offering already on HOLLYFY. Gain access to celebrities, athletes, social media influencers and more… but, now we can offer experts in the field who are able to work with your brand and the influencers to create original content and track performance.

Professional Industry Consultants

Sometimes you just need a little help and guidance. We’ve got your back. Whether it’s a one-on-one consultation for your HOLLYFY account or industry professionals. Our collective can help answer questions about advertising, PR, influencers and your HOLLYFY account. 

Account Settings - OWNERS VIEW - additional services – software

As we evolve, so do the tools we offer to the legions of professionals on HOLLYFY.



Please note that access to the beta platform is for your use only. Please do not share account details with anyone outside your organization. Your participation in the beta platform is governed by the Terms of Use specified in the HOLLYFY Agreement. You accept this Agreement when logging into the beta site.


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