With a massive international release, “Man of Steel” lured numerous global marketing partners. 

Rounding in with more than 100 global marketing partners and $160 million in collective promotional support,  Superman, “Man of Steel,”  shaped up to be the most Madison Avenue-friendly film of the summer, and the most heavily promoted Warner Bros. film of the year.

Man of Steel pulled in $160 million from brand integration (nearly 75% of the budget), leading Advertising Age to call it “the most Madison Avenue-friendly film of the summer.” 

Both the production studio and brand marketers were “able to achieve success when the marketing tie-ins are separate and distinct both in message and in target audience,” said Tom Meyer, president of the entertainment division of Marketing Arm

The blockbuster counts among its promotional brand partners Warby Parker, Gillette, Walmart,  and Hershey‘s Twizzler. Also participating are Chrysler, Sears Roebuck & Co., Army National Guard, Kellogg Co. and Nokia — the film’s biggest global partner — along with Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.

Warner Bros. declined to comment on the tie-ins.

While several traditional advertisements during that time period may now be long forgotten memories, no fret, all the brand integrations in “Man of Steel” will forever be viewable on-demand.

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