The future of advertising. If you work in the marketing department of a company that is selling a product, and you want to sell that product, you need your brand to be relevant, you need brand awareness. To do that, you have to advertise your products. But here’s the catch: From now on, you have to do it without running ads.

Say what? Advertise without ads?

How’s that gonna happen? Well, here’s the deal…adverts, in this case, traditional advertisements are somewhat outdated: Buying a page in a magazine, some media space in a newspaper, time on the radio or even a linear TV commercial break. But that’s not all that is involved in the advertising of the past. You also need to hire an advertising agency to make the content, produce the content and coordinate the talent for you. On top of that, you have to manage them and tell them what to do. So much work, so much money.

The good news is, the future is bright. It’s easier. More effective. Open to everyone. And way, way easier to track in order to make sure it leads to sales. And, sales is the name of the mass marketing game.

So, in short, the future of advertising is easy. In this blog we’ll talk about a few of the easiest ways you can stay ahead (or get ahead) of the game when it comes to making any brand (product or service) from any size company relevant and hit record sales month after month. The best, and really only, way this is done is with branded entertainment, partnerships, influencer marketing, or product placement.

The future of learning about your brand and what to say in your ads

Adverts sell products. The problem is, most people who make products don’t know what the right thing to say is. And that’s ok. After all, it’s not easy. In fact, it can be downright impossible. If you ever watched an episode of Mad Men you know how the advertising business works. Lots of work. Lots of money. It was a must to find someone smart who could tell you exactly what to say. It didn’t change much until recently when we all got connected to one another. This means ad agencies face the competition from literally everyone, everywhere, 24/7. Bad news for them, incredible news for people who need marketing. Their advice and opinion is the difference maker in what you say in your advertising.

From now on, the future of knowing what to say in your advertising is easier than ever.

The future of getting ads made

So now you know what to say… the question is what do you do with it? In the past you would have to call an advertising agency and pay them for the whole nine yards before you even saw one thing with your product in it. You would pay them a huge holding fee, go to focus groups, get briefed on what they want to say, then start seeing stacks and stacks of ideas. Such a painful process. And again, expensive (both moneywise and timewise).

Well, now, there are two simple ways to go about it. You can, of course, do it yourself. Any laptop has pretty much everything you need to make it happen. But, if you want someone to do it for you, well then you can make that happen pretty easily. Most creatives who make ads are ready for hire. Just tell them what you want, and it’s yours. They have the exact same tech on their desks at home as they would in a business. So, now more than ever, you can get incredible advertising pinged into your inbox before you can say “I love it”.

The future of buying media

First, let’s talk about media. Historically, media was newspapers, TV, etc… In other words, there has to be a place to put your advert so people can see it. It doesn’t even matter how this was done in the past… but let’s just say a lot of people were given a lot of free meals and tickets to events in exchange for the money they spent placing ads in whatever publication or channel they worked for.

For the foreseeable future, people’s eyeballs are in the same places yours are: On your phone, on your steaming devices and at the movie theatre. So what’s the future? The future is you control this media. You have access to it. You can create it and you can certainly be seen on it. It’s easy. It’s instant. And it’s only going to get more open to more people.




The future of product placement

If you’re not sure what this is, think about the car James Bond 007 drives. The dress an actress wears on the red carpet. Or even the drink that gets dumped on your favorite team’s coach. Anytime you see or hear a brand name on tv, a podcast or a social media post… that product was placed there by someone. A deal was made. A call from a marketing department at Coke or Pepsi to a talent agency at CAA or William-Morris Endeavor. So what’s the future of this? You don’t have to be a bigshot to get your product into the big leagues.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, can be reached. And the best part is they want to work with you. What used to be called “selling-out” is now a badge of honor. It’s the way to do it. The future holds even more of this. It’s the most direct way to get your brand seen. For it to be cool. For it to create sales. This is no longer a fun thing… it’s a must thing. No brand turns up their nose at this. They want and must do it and are able to do it easier than ever. Even your marketing strategy can do this.

The future of sales

The future of selling your product is the same as the past. Get it seen, get it sold. It takes bravery and hustle. Back in the day TV was a huge move. A gamble with big money. Then it became the norm. Now everything mentioned above is going to be how advertising is done. By you. With your desire and ability to move forward and make it happen. Make sure your brand marketing isn’t left out. All you have to do is realize it’s all happening and all available.

The future of making it all happen

Like everything, there’s a hard way and an easy way. The only difference is knowing the difference. When you stop reading this, you can get the itch and the motivation and Google this and Google that and get it going. Or, you can harness it all on HOLLYFY. This community is connected by the technology to help you navigate every aspect of the future of advertising. From linking you with opportunities to holding your hand and guiding you through it all, HOLLYFY is built and run by experts in every field of digital marketing and advertising. We’ll even go back in time and knock out a radio spot if you want to. The point is that advertising will never be the same again. HOLLYFY has lanes that will take you to every form of media you need and give you every tool necessary to create and place your brand in the right place to make the future of your business insanely successful.

Try these websites:  
  • — uses machine learning to connect entertainment creators with brand advertisers. 
  • — is the Association of Entertainment Marketing Professionals, and do a search of each item on your list to find out which product placement agencies represent each one.
  • UPP Entertainment Marketing — if you’re looking for a product placement agency who can assign agents to do the legwork for you.

You are the future

Just like everything else… from booking a hotel to managing your bank account, you can do it. Every opportunity is there. Even better, help is also easily accessible and affordable. You are going to surprise yourself when you make it happen. 

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