Musicians endorse products they like.

If you make or sell a product and want a musician to endorse it with a social media post or even putting it in their music video, you’ve got a lot better chance if they like what you’re selling. It’s really a game of affinity over money.

List of the most popular products musicians tell their managers they want to endorse.

1) Jeans are definitely a musician’s uniform.

Maybe it’s their timeless look. Maybe it’s because next to leather they are a rock staple. Or, and most likely, it’s that you can basically live in them, never wash them and still look pretty good. Jeans are far and away the number one product that musicians want to endorse. So, if you’re trying to start a line of jeans, jean shorts or, please no… jorts for men… you may want to contact your favorite rocker, rapper or crooner and see if they want to work with you.

2) Whisky is still Rock n’ Roll, and they like it.

Honestly, you woulda thought this might have been tequila. Or maybe the second favorite drink of rock… Beer. But it’s not. It’s whisky. And while there wasn’t much of a preference of brand or price point, it seems that whisky is in. So, anyone out there who has a bathtub distillery or is about to launch the next coolest, ready-for-the-private-jet brand… hit up a music manager. Your booze might end up in the next hottest music video.

3) Pet Products show musicians love dogs, cats and snakes?

Dog. Cats. Birds. Snakes. Guinea Pigs. Ferrets. The list goes on. They are all loved by musicians. These products we are talking about aren’t just pet food, snacks, leashes and water bowls. There are some very specific and very expensive pet products out there. We could name a few, but, well, ya know… we’re not getting endorsed to do so. Just know that no matter what you make for a pet, odds are if you want to get it out there by a musician or on bands Facebook page, Instagram feed or their Vevo video, you oughta get connecting with them. Odds are, they’d love to get them for their 2, 4 or no legged friend.

4) Coffee. Yep. They gotta get goin’ in the morning just like us.

Sometimes we forget that rock stars are people to. And people need coffee. Like a lot of coffee. And seeing that the biggest perk (no pun intended) of working with a product is getting free stuff… there’s really nothing better than the thought of getting a lot of free, really good coffee. Just like the above, if you own a coffee shop, sell a cool new coffee brewer thingy or maybe even have your own beans… reach out to a recording company. They might write a song about you.

5) Health Food is what singers eat at home, on the road and in the green room.

This was the most surprising of the lot… until we remembered what musicians look like: Hot. Ok, so there is no direct link between quinoa and a nice face, but it probably doesn’t hurt. Plus, after all those years of being a young, hungry artist who was stuffing their face with nuggets and nachos, who wouldn’t want to have a steady supply of smoothies? Yep. If your company makes anything that isn’t bad for you, reach out and send a box to a music label and sit on social media. Odds are you’ll get a thank you.

So there you have it.
These are the most popular products musicians would like to endorse, work with, put in their music videos, make commercials for, or post on their social media. So, if you make or sell any of them, connect with a music manager or musician using social media or a platform like HOLLYFY. You’ve got a great chance of striking a deal. Good luck.


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