Branded Entertainment is the future of marketing and entertainment funding.

Branded entertainment integrates products, locations, packaging, brand names and other brand messaging directly into entertainment productions. Many marketers are using partnerships with movies, social influencers, video games, musicians, television programs and other entertainment productions to reach an attentive audience. These alliances allow brands to truly engage with consumers in a less intrusive format.


In today’s on-demand society, many ad execs and marketers find it challenging to create disruptive content that viewers won’t skip. Brand integration is becoming a more valuable marketing tool to reach attentive audiences. In the past, it required a considerable amount of resources to find suitable partners, even for experienced media firms and ad agencies.

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Branded entertainment can offer your brand a number of different benefits:


Viewers are more engaged with their favorite entertainment than ever before. Technology has brought us ad-skip devices, DVRs, remote controls, on-demand content, ad-blockers and other software to declutter the entertainment experience. While this has proven beneficial for the audience, it has made marketing your brand a challenge.


In this day and age, you don’t need a Hollywood budget to be part of the production. You also don’t need a celebrity endorsement to tap into huge audiences. The cloud connected era has given us the ability to integrate brands directly into entertainment productions as part of the storyline, mentioned in dialogue, mentioned in song lyrics, used by characters or visually part of the scene.

Now your brand can connect with entertainment productions and tap into their large network of engaged viewers. There are even specialized tools that make the process easier.


Every brand should have an ethos that extends beyond its advertising campaigns. Things like brand perception, tone, packaging, product design, logo and brand name strengthen the overall impact of your brand.

Leveraging branded entertainment is, inherently, integrating into the script, storyboard or scene of an existing production. The result is reinforced brand relevance that feels more honed and focused on your core values, message and mission.


Remember, entertainment productions use products, apparel, furnishings, locations and have a variety of brands already built into their scripts, plots, scenes and storylines. Like any other business, content creators need funding to produce their product, in this case it’s entertainment. Aligning yourself with an entertainment production is probably easier than you think if you approach it as a symbiotic relationship.

Finding your target audience and the influencers in that space can help grow your brand, audience and overall reach by leaps and bounds.

Examples of Branded Entertainment

Did you realize that when you sit down and watch films like The Lego Movie or Marvel productions, you’re basically watching a 2-hour advertisement? Even films like James Bond have been used to promote brand names like Aston Martin, BMW, Omega, Rolex, Belvedere vodka and several other brands for decades.

These types of movies are the essence of branded entertainment. They captivate the audience and establish an emotional connection with the brand. Brands can use this same premise to boost engagement with an audience that’s often difficult to reach.

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