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Celebrity Endorsements are in your Morning Brew

How many of us roll out of bed and before our eyes are even fully opened we reach for that first cup of coffee? Are we unconsciously thinking of celebs like George Clooney or Brad Pitt? Okay, that’s a loaded question.

The key, at least for two major companies, is that we are thinking of them when we are in the stores or shopping online.

Big Screen Movie Buddies – Small Screen Coffee “Enemies”

While there are other celebs showing up in Nespresso spots (Danny DeVito, Matt Damon, Jack Black, and Andy Garcia to name a few), the main face and celebrity spokesperson of the brand these days is clearly George Clooney. This has been the case since 2006, and according to The Guardian, Nespresso has paid Mr. Clooney $40 million. That’s a lot of coffee beans. 

While $40M is a lot of money, Nespresso gained even more. George Clooney helps Nespresso achieve 22% global growth. Coffee maker is Nestlé’s fastest-growing business.

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Now his other movie star buddy (Oscar winner Brad Pitt) is showing up as a very cool home barista and spokesperson for De’Longhi. From an interview with People magazine, Pitt said: “I wanted to work with De’Longhi because I appreciated their approach for the campaign—they have confidence in theirproduct and want to celebrate the artistry of their Italian heritage without overdoing it.”

An interview in People means “free press” and the commercial being an entertainment story. Boom. That’s a great way to get even more for your celebrity endorsement bucks (or beans).

Academy Award Winning Celebrity Endorsements

DeLonghi logo

While it may or may not be a celebrity endorsement contest between these two Oscar winning pals it is impressive to note that the Pitt commercial from 2021 was directed by Oscar winning director Damien Chazelle. He brought in photographer Lachlan Bailey, cinematographer Linus Sandgren and super composer Justin Hurwitz. The latter two worked on Chazelle’s Academy
Award-winning La La Land.

Celebrity Endorsements Add the Caffeine and Make Coffee Sexy

Clooney and Pity are sexy. Period. They appeal to men and women and even though they are huge global stars, they seem approachable somehow. The Pitt spot is sexy… or cool, depending on who you are. Period. There is a James Dean quality to it. California, the PCH, a motorcycle and of course, Pitt. He gets home to his equally cool and sexy house, easily makes a perfect cappuccino and then sits in comfort, ease and bliss. Perfetto. It’s the tagline and the result.

Coffee is Good – So Says George

Going even further than just brand ambassador and celebrity endorser, Clooney sits on the Nespresso Sustainability Advisory Board. According to the brand owned by Nestlé, “The “Made with Care” campaign, spearheaded by Clooney, brings to life Nespresso’s fundamental beliefs: that crafting high-quality coffee can be both an art and a catalyst for positive change.”Think outside the cup George Clooney

“Nespresso and I have always shared a passion for sustainability and farmer welfare… Together, we are committed to sustainability, fairness and ensuring we can enjoy great coffee for generations to come,” said Clooney. I am sure this element made it much easier for the major star and activist to get on board. Well, that and the huge paycheck.

So while there may not be an actual coffee war between these two friends, major coffee companies are battling it out on the small screen. Both quality, integrity and care are at stake. May the best brew win.

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