How Musicians Made Adidas Famous

You’re a musician. You focus on making music. Great, meaningful music. But you can also be a musician making great, meaningful money via brand partnership deals endorsing the products or services you love. It’s easier than you think. In fact, finding a brand to partner with and making great music is something you can do at the same time. HOLLYFY works in the background while you write lyrics. While you’re making recordings, HOLLYFY is making connections to brands who want to work with you. Let’s talk about all the ways HOLLYFY helps artists like you make money off of the things you’re already doing.

4 Ways Musicians Use Brand Partnerships.

1) Baby you’re a star… and so are the brand deals in your videos.

Let’s just start by saying not every musician is making a music video with a huge budget. Not everyone can afford Paul Hunter or Dave Myers to direct their video. And that’s ok… because not all brands can afford to be in them. HOLLYFY is filled with brands of all sizes who, honestly, want to work with artists of all sizes. So, if you’re not Beyonce (if you are, my wife LOVES you) then you’re still good. You can certainly still get into this game. All you have to do is decide what kinds of products you want to have in your videos. This is what’s called affinity marketing and it means matching based on what you like. This is gaining popularity because in many cases, what you like is probably what your fans like. So, brands are going to want to work with you based on that fact alone. If you like jeans or trucks or beer or high-end makeup, we can help you get connected with the companies who market them… and you can start to showcase them to your fans. Make them cool. Make yourself (and them) some money. It’s that simple and HOLLYFY is happy to make it easier.

2) Song lyrics, rhymes, and hooks about partnership brands, events and products

While rappers like Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z made it cool to talk about their favorite brands in their songs… all of that was done just so they could make it known they could afford, be seen and associate with luxury goods like Louis Vuitton and drinks like Cristal Champagne. Some artists even admit they have used brands in their songs hoping the brands would call them in the future. On top of that, you must read this epic tale of RUN DMC and Adidas. That is, quite possibly, the holy grail of brands and lyrics (with maybe the exception of Cracker Jacks in “Take me out to the ballgame”). The point is, it’s totally socially accepted and might be the most inconspicuous example of branded entertainment. If you use a brand, any brand, in a lyric you won’t get called out for it. But you will get paid for it. HOLLYFY has settings and filters to let brands know you’re interested in doing exactly this. We make it easy for you to make it happen.

3) You’re more than just a music influencer on social media

You sing rock-n-roll. You perform at EDM shows. You spit rhymes at parties. No matter what type of music you make, chances are your followers follow you cause they like that music. But what else do they know about you? Probably more than you think, but not as much as they’d like to know. They know where you’re from, what clothes you wear… but did you know how fascinated “normal” people are with “famous” people. Really really fascinated. It’s why People Magazine loves posting pictures of Kim Kardashian eating Raisinets. So, let people know what you like. Work some deals out with brands of you drinking a smoothie, riding a scooter, playing a sport… anything to give them a peek into your life. They’ll love it, and you’ll have fun doing it…. ‘Cause, well, you already like doing it.

4) What you sing on stage; what brand partnerships you bring on stage

There are numerous examples of musicians starting trends with what they wear on stage. While you might make headlines like the glitter glove of Michael Jackson or the torpedo tops of Madonna, there’s no reason why you get paid for wearing a brand on stage. Big clubs, small clubs, EDM shows, concerts and festivals… when you’re on stage all eyes are on you. If a brand isn’t big enough to sponsor a show or a festival, they would be wise to sponsor the artists on stage at them. It’s how Beats by Dre dominated with fans… and your chance to connect with brands.

Let brands know it’s possible. Making a deal is probably easier than you think. At the very least, you’ll get some free shoes or hats, jackets or jewelry out of it. HOLLYFY has a great relationship with brands large and small who are looking for creative ways to get into the conversation. Whether you’re wearing what they’re selling or drinking what they’re distilling, there are deals to be done.

Go get them. Good luck!

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