You’re making a movie and it’s getting a bit scary. Not the script, the ACT of making it. Finding money. Talent. Money. Locations. Money. Cameras. And let’s not forget money. Looking for any of these is daunting, but thankfully there’s hope. Below are the 5 ways brands want to get into your movie and how to make it happen.

5 ways brands want to be in your independent movie

1) Increase Brand Recognition

I have never been to a CMO’s office that didn’t have their product piled up in the corner. I’ve never been to a company that didn’t have interns packing up boxes of stuff to send out. I’ve also never met a director who woke up one morning and found boxes on their doorstep and didn’t say “Wow, I can’t believe they sent it”. The point is, it happens. All the time. From Beats by Dre to Puma to Coca-Cola, there are people dedicated to saying yes while holding a roll of stamps. So get to work. It’s especially easy if you don’t want them to pay for you to use it.

2) Location, Location, Location

You have to shoot somewhere. Unless your film takes place in a basement or closet space, odds are you need a restaurant, store, hotel, cafe, club, art gallery or factory to do it in. Back in the day, producers and directors often made these places up. They named a deli after their dad or a gallery after their daughter and shot there. The wonders of the art department. But now, not only do real places add legitimacy to your film, people don’t flinch when they see it. PRO TIP: You can always offer to direct a commercial for them after you film as a favor.

3) Talk Value

So maybe the company you want to work with doesn’t make anything. Maybe it’s a service or something that doesn’t exist yet. You can always enter the product name into the dialogue. This doesn’t, and probably shouldn’t, be a straight up endorsement. Two people can just be talking about it. Asking about it. Looking it up on a phone. Whatever. Just a mention of the name in a way that fits the company’s brand is a perfect way to make a deal.

4) Subtle Brand Reminder

Some brands don’t want to be a star. They are totally comfortable in the background making the scene look fuller. This can be true for furniture, art, signage, food, machinery, cars… anything that is recognizable from afar. It’s easy for you to do. It’s a good way for brands to dip their toe into the integration game and also ensures their product doesn’t get messed up or used incorrectly.

5) The Title

Don’t laugh. It’s possible. Harold and Kumar did it. Tiffany’s did as well. I’m sure you can, too. While it’s a bold, bold move… it could be epic. While I write this, names are running through my head of possibilities. The Cross Pen. A night at the Motel 6. Who knows? Give it a shot. You never know.

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All of these ways are possible and easier than ever to pull off. Brands are actually building out departments to get their brands into entertainment and our platform HOLLYFY is the fastest, easiest and most economical way for you to connect with companies that actually want to work with you. So get started. Create listings. You have nothing to lose and so much free stuff to gain.

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