Product Placement is when a known product appears in the scene of a piece of content. So, by definition the most important advantage of product placement is the logo or product is shown inside the piece of entertainment rather than around it. Today, that is incredibly vital because over 90% of content is no longer watched live. That means the commercials that surround a show are becoming less and less effective by the day. So, the biggest thing product placement delivers on is the most important thing in marketing – being seen.

Positive Association

Product placement makes your brand instantly appealing because the audience associates it with the content they already enjoy. People look at characters in movies, TV shows, music videos and influencer posts as the people they like, want to be like and want to do the same thing as. So, if you can get a product worn or used by someone they look up to, they are naturally going to have a positive affinity towards your brand. It is instant, almost guaranteed affinity. And, unlike creating a commercial, you don’t need to say anything about the product. it just has to be there, with the character, to get some love and appreciation.


Product placements will be seen forever and not stop running like a commercial will.

While this isn’t supposed to be about why product placement is better than a commercial, it has to be mentioned. Because these days, content lives forever in so many places. Not just on re-runs of broadcast TV, but almost all shows (and movies) now are on streaming services or at the very least on YouTube. So, your brand is always being watched. And, the best part is, once you pay for it once, you are done. You don’t have to pay each time the show airs.

Finally, many times, product placement makes the news or at last has water cooler talk.

Similar to articles like this, product placements of brands get the attention of news media. People want to know what is being seen where. These days, it’s very similar to a red carpet star wearing a designer. If some name brand product is in a movie, it makes some list somewhere which, see above, also lives forever.

Product placement has many more opportunities than traditional ad space.

Since broadcast TV watching is down, the ad space opportunity surrounding its content is getting smaller and smaller. But, the new content that is being created on every content source out there is about as unlimited as it gets. There’s content on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, IG, TikTok, Amazon, on-demand movies,  video games, and many more are through the roof. And almost ALL of them would jump at the chance to work with a brand.


If you are marketing a product, you need to use the power of product placement.

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The Advantages of Product Placement are Clear

  • Power of Persuasion
  • Visibility 
  • Brand awareness in-perpetuity
  • Attentive audience
  • One-time fee. Instead of per ad space.
  • Positive affinity
  • Leverage the influence of entertainment
  • Scaleable worldwide

Get brands inside entertainment scenes.